What CSP want you to know before becoming a guest student.

Most schools do not offer financial aid to Guest Students, but may offer a payment plan or an option to take the course and pay upon completion.
International students on an F-1 student visa must submit page one of their I-20 with their completed Guest Application.  International students may need to grant permission for the DSO at their home school to discuss their SEVIS standing with a DSO at the visiting school.
It is important that you are aware of the prerequisites for every course.  Having the knowledge necessary to succeed in your course(s) is assured by completing the prerequisites.  Please review the college catalog to review the prerequisites for each course or apply to the course listed here and a representative will help you with the approval process.
Make sure you talk with an advisor at your home institution to make sure you are taking courses that will transfer or apply to the course listed here at CSP and a representative will help you with the approval process with your home school.  Therefore, please understand that only the home school can guarantee the transferability of courses to your home institution. 
It is important that you apply for the course here at CSP to allow a representative to help you complete the Guest Application.  Until the application has been submitted, you won't be able to register for classes.  (Please allow at least 1-2 business days after submission before you register for classes.)
Guest Application are only good for one semester.  If you wish to take courses as a guest student in future semesters, you will need to submit another application.
Thank you and good luck with your new course!

Dean Phillips

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What CSP want you to know before becoming a guest student.
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